Advert Specifications


Format Size*
File Size
Naming Convention
File Format**
up to 150kb
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party
up to 150kb
Half Page
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party
up to 150kb
Super Leaderboard
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party
up to 150kb
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party
up to 150kb
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party
up to 75kb
Mobile Billboard
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party
up to 75kb
Mobile Leaderboard
GIF, JPEG, HTML5, 3rd party

* High density format sizes can be provided, this will enhance the quality of the banner on high resolution displays.

** As of December 2016 we do not accept .SWF file formats.


AD SERVING - We utilise DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). When building your HTML5 zip bundle, please follow the requirements described below.

DIMENSIONS - Set creative dimensions in your HTML file with the size meta tag:

<meta name="ad.size" content="width=[x],height=[y]">

Unlike images or videos, HTML documents don't have dimensions on their own. For this reason, use the size meta tag to indicate the intended size for your creative. The size meta tag is an optional parameter in your HTML document. It's the best way to be sure your creative renders at the right dimensions.

HTML5 creatives can only have fixed dimensions (e.g., 300x250, 400x400, 728x90, etc.). Dynamic sizes such as "Fluid" aren't supported.

For creative HTML files in Google Web Designer bundles, the minWidth and minHeight properties of the creativeProperties parameter must be non-zero. For example, "creativeProperties": {"minWidth": 0, "minHeight": 0, "maxWidth": 0, "maxHeight": 0} results in an error.

SSL COMPATIBLE - Confirm your creatives are SSL compatible as HTML5 creatives must be SSL compatible to serve to HTTPS sites.

CLICK TAGS - Define click-through URLs for each exit on your HTML5 creative. An exit is any area that can be clicked that directs the browser to a landing page.

Learn more about adding HTML5 exits (including exits using Google Web Designer) in the DoubleClick Creative Solutions Help Center. This Help Center is intended for creatives generators.

When an exit gets a click, the creative calls DFP for the click-through URL associated with that exit. You can set this URL in your creative or your ad, depending on your needs and the type of creative you're using. If you set click tags in both your creative and your ad, the ad-level setting overrides the creative-level settings.

DFP detects click tags when you upload your assets. You can change the click-through URL your click tag uses anytime, even after you export tags.

There are some best practices for setting up your click tags:

  • Make sure your creative uses the click tag variable as the click destination.

  • The click tag should be easy for the ad server to read – no minification or obfuscation, though you can use minifers in the rest of your code and in other files.

  • We do not recommend hard-coded click-through URLs in your asset because that prevents DFP from tracking clicks and prevents traffickers from updating the URL. After upload, DFP will warn you if there are hardcoded URLs in the asset.

IFRAME - Within your export, please create an index.html file which will act as an iframe for the creative as shown below. (xxx) is where you input your .html name and ad size.

<iframesrc="xxx.html?_ADPATH_&_ADCLICK_"width="xxx"height="xxx" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

HTML HEAD FILE - Please include the script below within the <head> of your main .html file.

var params ='&'); window.adpath = params[0];window.adclick = params[1];

FILE NAMING - NO assets within your banner should contain a space within its naming convention.

FILE FORMATS - We recommend using JPG, EPS & SVG files as these have a low file size natively. Avoid using PNG and TIFF as these will contribute towards a large file size.

IMAGES - Avoid using large size images across your banner as these will drastically contribute to increasing the file size.

FONTS - We advice using web fonts for text when building your banner as the banner may load with a different font if the font used is not a web font.

Other Banner Requirements

SOUND - Ads MUST not autoplay sound, however user initiated sound is commonly accepted on video rollover.

BANNER BACKGROUND & BORDER - All creatives should have 1px borderline if the background is white or transparent. Banners should not blend into the page and appear 'native'.

RICH MEDIA - All Rich Media creative needs to be 3rd party or Rich Media vendor served. Animation - Is not to exceed 30 seconds, cannot be infinitely looping.

EXPANDABLE - MUST include a clearly visible close button (X) on expansion. 30x30px minimum.


300px visible each side
Static JPEG or GIF
Under 150kb
140px visible each side
Static JPEG or GIF
Under 150kb
300px visible each side
Static JPEG or GIF
Under 150kb
Bikesport News
128px visible each side
Static JPEG or GIF
Under 150kb


Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 (16:9 recommended)
File Size: 30MB
Frame Rate: 30 maximum frames per second
Bitrate: Do not exceed 3Mbps
Duration: 30 sec maximum (some franchises only allow 15 second creative);


Solus Email
- File to be incorporated into publishers email provider.
- Must be 600px wide.
- Content may be as long as required, we suggest a maximum of A4 height.
- Can be provided as image with links or HTML.