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Britain's best undiscovered biking roads

A new series to uncover Britain’s best undiscovered biking roads is set to inspire more people to get into motorcycling.

Each episode of the five-parter will feature a hidden gem nominated by British bikers, including rolling countryside, spectacular climbs and descents, and dramatic seascapes.

The idea is to engage with existing bikers to showcase what’s best about riding a motorbike in the UK, and to encourage owners to get out and ride more, as well as attracting a whole new audience to the lifestyle.

The sweeping drone camera footage, digital-first filming techniques, and social promotion will also appeal to a younger demographic of millennials, currently disconnected from the motorcycle industry.

The content has been produced by, the fastest growing motorcycle website with a million monthly users, in partnership with Kawasaki, and features a diverse range of current Kawasaki models as well as BSB star Leon Haslam.

Each video will be promoted via Visordown’s site and social channels which, combined, have a reach of over three million.

Episode one is now live and can be viewed on Visordown here

Social campaign to get more people riding motorcycles reaches 260,000 in just four days

Last week motorcycle website ran a campaign across its social media channels to encourage more people to get on a motorcycle.

In just four days, using a different creative message for each day, Visordown reached more than 260,000 existing and potential bikers.

Engagement was huge with more than 17,000 bikers posting comments, pictures, Liking, and Sharing the content – check out the infographic attached for a visual breakdown of the campaign.

The promotion was the first of a new series Visordown will be running over the course of the year, and beyond, to increase motorcycle participation in the UK and globally.

Arsenel Challenge

Visordown is the world’s fastest growing digital motorcycle community with a million monthly visitors to its website, and a huge and growing social media following of more than 200,000.

The brand plans to use its widespread digital reach to increase participation among existing motorcyclists, and to attract more people to the lifestyle, especially a younger audience of millennials.

Record-breaking month for GolfMagic with huge influx of millennial golfers

Arsenel Challenge

  • A record 343,000 golfers visited in April

  • A third of all users were between the ages of 18 and 34

  • Video content partnership launched with Cobra Puma and Arsenal players to make golf more appealing to younger demographic

  • 100K fans reached on Facebook as social audience rapidly grows

In April more golfers visited than ever before as the site recorded a landmark 343,000 unique visitors.

A third of all visitors were between the ages of 18 and 34, as the website – now thought to be the biggest in Europe – continues its push to attract a younger demographic to golf.

The influx is largely thanks to its unique content aimed to appeal to younger golfers just getting into the game, as well as existing players, and its rapidly growing social media fanbase.

Last month GolfMagic launched a video series in partnership with Cobra Puma and Arsenal football club, which achieved huge reach and engagement on its social channels. Watch the Arsenal golf penalty challenge here.

GolfMagic’s Facebook page hit the 100,000 fan landmark over the weekend, and its Instagram community will soon be at 5,000 followers, giving the brand the biggest digital golf audience in Europe.

And with the peak golf season yet to come, GolfMagic will be looking to further cement its #1 status in the UK and Europe, as well as seeking growth globally in the US and other markets.

Golf brands line-up to show off their new product with stunning HPTO’s – the world’s fastest growing golf community – has been showcasing some stunning creative across desktop and tablet these past few weeks, as the golf season prepares to get into full swing for amateur golfers across the globe. Callaway Golf’s design agency Adapt Rich Media have used their design gifts on the GBB Epic driver launch whilst Under Armour launched the new Jordan Spieth designed ‘Spieth One’ golf shoes on GolfMagic to a fantastic response. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these tasty visuals… All commercial enquiries for should be directed to

GolfMagic takes #1 spot on social media

GolfMagic has grown its social media fanbase by almost 100k golfers in the last six months, including 85,000 new Facebook fans – more than any other golf publication in Europe.

As well as record audience figures GolfMagic has also seen unprecedented levels of engagement across its platforms.

Over 40,000 golfers actively engage with the GolfMagic Facebook page each month alone, regularly liking, sharing, and commenting on a mixture of informative and entertaining posts.

GolfMagic’s aim is to attract more people to golf, particularly the younger demographic of 18-35-year-olds who, to date, have been somewhat disconnected from golf.

Almost 40% of GolfMagic’s new users are under 35, showing the digital publication is making real headway in engaging a younger audience in the sport.

GolfMagic Editor Andy Roberts says: “Achieving the #1 spot on Facebook, and attracting so many new golfers to GolfMagic is a real landmark for us.

“It proves that the appetite for golf is out there, even among under 35s, we just need to continue creating the type of content that appeals to a new digital generation to draw them into the game, while still catering for our core existing audience of regular golfers.”

GolfMagic plans to grow even more rapidly throughout 2017, working with key industry partners to further increase the number of active golfers in the UK, Europe, and globally.