CMG are makers and providers of cutting-edge marketing products - as used by several thousand PR and marketing professionals from the action of the F1 paddock on GP day right through to the beautiful cycling regions of France during the Tour de France.


Press Release Manager© is an online distribution and management system designed for companies who are filing releases that are time dependent, from all around the world. It showcases your brand identity in an emailed PR format, providing you with data on who's viewing your content, and handling all media formats: words, pictures and video. It's so good that companies like Red Bull Racing, BMW and Williams among others use it to manage their public face. Not only that but a number of PR companies use it to manage their own operations.

Augmented Reality

Take your marketing to the next level by creating an augmented reality app with acceleratAR©.

Using AR, you can allow customers to use their digital devices to see products and objects in a totally different perspective, a 3D golf club for example or anywhere in a motorcycle showroom.

Companies can demonstrate their products at events, meetings and trade shows with maximum impact and your customers can effectively try out products in their office or at while relaxing at home. Your existing printed material can be brought to life using augmented reality. Anyone who publishes printed material and who wants to add a captivating new dimension to their company’s marketing information should be considering AR.